Written and produced by Georgina Barley

Directed by Helen Tennison

13th - 17th October 2020

White Bear Theatre

LOVESICK2 director:company.png


Georgina Barley

Lesley Ann Acheson

Creative Team:

James Hogan

Maria Hildebrand

Heather Dunn

About the play

“I didn’t ask for this feeling. It’s invasive, it’s infectious, I don’t want it, so I’m asking you – very politely – to medicate me.”


Sarah needed a heart transplant. Maggie was her surgeon.

The operation ran smoothly, but there are now complications…


This is a journey of identity and transformation. How to face death, and come out the other side. How to find your true self in a body with foreign parts. And how heartbreak and lovesickness – with no known cure – can make you grow.


Originally scheduled for performance in April 2020 and postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic, this ‘Covid edit’ version of Lovesick distils the essence of the full-length play and delivers it in one concentrated shot — fewer characters, shorter running time. Heightened, raw, emotional. The relationship between patient, surgeon and donor is laid out on the operating table, ready for dissection. 

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