Written by Georgina Barley

Directed by Marlie Haco

Produced by Adèle Reeves


17th - 18th August 2021

Hen & Chickens Theatre

2nd - 6th November 2021

The Hope Theatre

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★★★★ - Fringebiscuit

"A clever script deftly balances pathos with humour, raising a compelling question: what if organs could retain memory?"

"A hard-hitting heavy examination of love, loss and life...thoughful and expertly written, brought to life through stunning performances"

"A beautifully written and accomplished first play"


Georgina Barley

Avena Mansergh-Wallace

Reece Pantry/Gabriel Akamo

Creative team:

Emily Orme

Victoria Maytom

Grace Clare

James Hogan

Charli Hurford

Eliott Sheppard

Tory Mabey

About the play

Lovesick investigates the relationship between Sarah, a young woman who has received a heart transplant, and her surgeon Maggie. Through a combination of dialogue, poetry and movement, the play looks at the extent to which organs hold memory, and examines the complex feelings we harbour towards those that save our lives and those that leave us behind after death. Exploring the emotional ties between patient, surgeon and donor, Lovesick sheds light on the human desire to find meaning and connection.

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